Olympia became Roxy and lives in Utah.

Steve and Lesley-Ann with Utah Bernese Mountain Dogs, were wonderful to work with!    The process was simple and well explained and we got awesome video and photo updates along the way.    Our little burner is growing up to fit right into our family, such kind a thoughtful dogs.
We couldn’t have asked for a smoother or more informative experience when finding our next puppy!
Alex and Adrienne – Utah

Rebecca and Elsa became Cosmo and Memphis, they live in Washington

Lesley-Ann and Steve are very professional and knowledgeable about the Bernese Mountain dog breed. They were able to answer all of our questions as well as helping us think about things we weren’t even considering. After getting our puppies, they have also been very responsive to questions we had in the first few weeks as new puppy owners. Our two Bernese Mountain dogs are wonderful family dogs. They are only about 8 months old and have a very imposing presence due to their size, but they literally are gentle giants. We love them. They are also very easy to work with. If you are consistent with training, they pick up commands very well and very quickly. On a five star scale, I would give Lesley-Ann and Steve a solid five stars. I would definitely recommend them to anyone wanting to experience the joy of having a Bernese Mountain dog as part of their family.

Erick Johnson and family

My families Bernese Mountain Dogs have been two jumping joys. Cosmo, my brother Ryan’s dog, is adorable and very lovable. She loves belly rubs and also loves trying to get the ball during fetch. Memphis is our cannon ball on legs. She sometimes goes for the ball during fetch, but most of the time she will stay by you to be pet. She loves belly rubs as well. We really enjoy our dogs and would like to thank Lesley Ann and Steve for our wonderful dogs. We love our adorable fur-balls.  Anna.

I would definitely recommend getting puppies from Steve and Lesley-Ann. I had a really good experience with them.
I really liked how Steve and Lesley-Ann let me and my family look at all the puppies. We must have stayed there for at least an hour looking at all the Bernese Mountain Dog puppies, and they showed us all their grown dogs, too. I think it was really great to see what the puppies would look like all grown up, and how big they got. Steve and Lesley-Ann were also really patient with us while we were there, and explained a lot about the dogs.
Also, when we went to their house I was scared of dogs. Our tiny poodle puppy scared me to death. So when I heard that we were getting these giant dogs, I freaked out. But, instead of having a terrible time with our dogs, our Bernese Mountain puppies have taught me that there is more to a dog than whether it is big or not. Those puppies that scared me so bad showed me how to overcome my biggest fear, and how to love them. Even though that day I was terrified, now I am so glad that my family stopped at the house of Steve and Lesley Ann.

Emma Johnson

I really wanted my first dog and i was going to be paying for it myself. So i started looking, i’m 14 so you can imagine that the cost of a puppy is a lot of money to me at this age and i did not want to buy a dog that had medical issues and waste it or any of that, so when i found Steve and Lesley-Ann’s web site you can imagine that i was really excited because they are reliable dog breeders. They were really easy to work with and gave me tons of time to come look at their puppies and really decide which one I really wanted. They did not rush me, in fact they helped me pick! None of the puppies they were selling had any medical issues or deformities. I have never regretted buying my puppy and I love her so much!
Sincerely Ryan Johnson

Elsa became Daisy and lives in Utah

When we were on the search for a new family dog we did not have a specific breed picked out but Bernese Mountain Dogs were definitely one of my top picks. I just needed to convince my husband to try a new breed! I searched ads almost nightly for months. I sent cute videos to him. I spoke with several breeders on occasion. One day we went to check out a litter of lab puppies near by. A breed we love and are familiar with! We’ve always had labs and figured we might as well go check them out. I left feeling a bit lost with the decision. They were adorable but my mind was still on Bernese Mountains Dogs! A breed I had not convinced my husband of just yet. That night I came across a listing for Lesley-Ann and Steve’s puppies and reached out to them. They were only a few miles from us! I worked out a time to go see them and convinced my husband to just come with me to look! Haha

The moment we arrived we fell in love with the breed. It was literally my first time even petting one. We were so impressed with the adult dogs and puppies temperaments!
Lesley-Ann and Steve are so knowledgeable about the breed and were very helpful with all of our questions. It took about five minutes after we drove away for my husband to say “ok send the deposit!” 😅 We were all so excited!
We have now had our sweet Daisy for almost two months and we could not imagine life without her. She has brought us so much joy! Everywhere she goes with us she brings a ton of attention and love from random people. It takes forever to walk through a crowd because everyone wants to pet her and see her. Everyone that knows the breed raves about how they are the best breed out there! We have truly enjoyed working with Lesley-Ann and Steve and they have been an awesome resource to us throughout the whole process! They truly love the breed! Our Daisy has been introduced to many people, other dogs,chickens, kittens, goats and pigs! She is going to be a great family farm dog!

Thank you so much!

Lindsey and Seth


Rex became Sully and lives in Utah

We have had Sully for 2 weeks now, and he’s been great. He is healthy, well-behaved, and so smart. This is our first BMD, and we got a lot of advice and information when we went to meet him and eventually pick him up. Since we’ve had him, he’s already potty trained, knows his name, and knows several commands. You can tell he’s from a good pedigree. I would highly recommend this breeder and their amazing puppies.

Cannon and Autumn – Utah

Eddie became Marty and lives in Utah

Lesley-Ann and Steve were so great to work with. Lesley- Ann took the time to personally chat with me about the health and care of our Marty boy. He has been such a great addition to our family! Marty is not scared or timid of new things. We had a berner (Steve – 10 months), he and Marty became the best of friends instantly, two peas in a pod and it has been so heart warming watching them bond. The hardest part of having a new puppy is potty training, Marty has been a dream! He alerts from the crate when he needs to go and does his business where he should outside. Berners are a loving and outgoing breed, when you make the right choice in breeder from the start, it makes the world of difference. When we are ready for our next Bernese, we will look no further than the Presbury’s! 

Krista and Eric

Evvy became Peaches and lives in Utah​

“Our experience with Lesley-Ann and Steve was amazing. They were very kind and allowed us to visit our puppy multiple times before we picked her up. We were going on our honeymoon right before we were supposed to get her and they were flexible with us and allowed us to pick up our Peaches when we got back.
Our little puppy is very well mannered and is just a little Angel. We love her to death and all of our family seems to love her to telling us they’ve never met a dog like her. She goes everywhere we go, loves to be with us no matter what we’re doing and has been a very easy puppy to kennel & house train. We love
having her as apart of our family”
Isabel and DJ – Utah

Rufus kept his birth name: RUFUS and lives in Utah

Lesley-Ann and Steve have been so amazing to work with. Their knowledge, passion and joy for this breed is obvious and radiates from them with every interaction we have had. They LOVE and care for their dogs!! They were so warming and welcoming when we came to meet Rufus and have continued to check on us since we have brought him home. We have felt so incredibly supported by them and the love they have for these sweet dogs hasn’t ended when we left with our pup. ❤️

I love that Steve showed me around their housing for the dogs and it was SO clean and well kept.. they had an amazing system in place to keep their dogs happy, healthy and safe!! ❤️❤️

We couldn’t be happier with our little man and the new friends we have made with Lesley-Ann and Steve!

Bambi & Benjamin – Utah

Rupert became Mack and lives in Utah

When we were looking for a second dog, we absolutely needed a dog/breed that got along with other dogs and, most importantly, patient and tolerant of young kids. I’m happy to say that we got just that! It’s like Mack has always been here. Him and our 1 yr old golden retriever are inseparable and he’s handling being played with by every age kid with flying colors. He was very well prepared to go to a home with active kids.

In addition to exceptional puppies, Steve and Lesley-Ann were great to work with. It was easy to schedule a time for me and my 4 kids to visit and the paperwork/ take home process was very professional and thorough. It’s easy to tell they take great pride in their puppies and their business!

Kelsi and Colin – Utah

Ronald became Rocky and lives in Utah

We recently adopted a BMD puppy from the Presbury’s. He is the most fun, lovable and happy pup! His mom is beautiful as were all the other puppies. It was hard to choose just one! When we came to meet the puppies for the first time we noticed the dogs were well cared for, very healthy, happy and clean. Steve and Lesley-Ann have been super informative and have helped make the transition to our home for our new pup such a smooth and simple process. We have adopted dogs before from other breeders, but the Presbury’s went above and beyond to ensure we knew everything about the breed and lineage. I highly recommend a puppy from (insert your company name here) if you are considering a good natured, family-friendly dog 🐾
Kevin & Sara King, Riverton, Utah

Benji became Butter and lives in California

We are so in love with our darling boy. Can’t get enough of him! He has absolutely stolen our hearts. He’s Super loving smart and strong. We couldn’t imagine life without him!! Thank you to Lesley-Ann and Steve for being so helpful and kind!

Dominique – California

Buttercup became Cuppy and lives in Utah​

You guys have done so well with welping your litter. I have raised a lot of puppies over the years and trained countless puppies and she so far has been one of the easiest pups as far as crate, potty, and house training goes. 

Jadyn – Utah

Buster became Hades and lives in Arizona

Lesley-Ann and Steve were fantastic to work with. They were very professional and made sure that we had all the info we needed to make the right decision for our family and a new puppy. They patiently answered all of our many questions to make sure we matched with the right dog. We ended up adopting Buster (now Hades) and he is an absolute perfect fit! I have never met a more polite puppy (or fully grown dog if I’m being honest!); they truly did an amazing job socializing him. When we picked him up, they were organized, ready for us despite changes to the arrival time because of weather, and exceptionally kind in seeing their sweet baby off to his new home. I would encourage anyone who is considering adopting a Berner to consider Lesley-Ann and Steve. Thank you both so much!

Jessica and Kristin Arizona

Betty became Misha and lives in Arizona

We have been so blessed to have Misha join our family! We are a very organic and wholistic group and Misha has been so healthy and vibrant due to the extra care she received as a puppy and no doubt before conception as her mother was raised very healthy! She is very active and still puppy playful but smart and learning to be obedient. She is growing so fast! We are so glad to have found the Presbury’s and love their philosophy of health and wellness even for their animals and pets! We highly recommend them as breeders!

Sally and Family – Utah

Barney became Logan and lives in Utah

“We absolutely adore our puppy. From the day we brought him home he was just immediately comfortable around the whole family and made himself at home. He is so unbelievably smart and unlike anything I expected when we decided to purchase a puppy. Whatever the Presbury’s are doing to prepare their puppies works and we couldn’t be happier. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a puppy and should we ever want to get another one in the future this is the first place I’ll look”
Melissa – Utah

Bambi became Daisy and lives in Utah

We love our little Daisy!
We get so many compliments on how beautiful of a dog she is. Also, I could really tell when talking to Lesley-Ann the amount of love and care they put into these puppies and that they really strive to make sure they are healthy and strong. She already is learning very quickly and we are so glad to have her part of our family!
Kalie – Utah

Olympia became Roxy and lives in Utah