Meet our amazing Dogs





The Bernese Mountain Dog is strikingly beautiful with their double tricolored silky and shinny coat. They have a moderately long coat that is jet black with white and rust markings, which adds to their very impressive majestic look. They have a strong white blaze from the forehead that wraps around their nose, together with their rust accents above their dark brown eyes, their presence is complete nobility.

Their personality makes them a wonderful fit for families with their sweet and affectionate nature they love all ages and especially youngsters. The very lovable, loyal hard working Bernese Mountain Dog can stand 27 inches at the shoulder. The Bernese is a hardy dog that thrives in cold weather, they love the snow and with their intelligent brain and tough brawn, they can easily multitask and ideal on the farms and homesteads. Because of their desire for attention and love they are also make a great family dog and always love unconditionally.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are imposing and formidable, but certainly not threatening, and they maintain an aloof dignity with strangers and new comers. This breed of dog is a great choice for most family situations, but they do need time, love and attention and they do love to go on walks and run around. They will always love then you can ever give. We have raised our girls, Bella and Rosie holistically from the time we picked them up. They are extremely healthy and have only been given a quality food.